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PBN Update: January 2017

The John Mueller Hangout Reveal About Expired Domains

This is a pretty interesting reveal, and is probably the first publicly stated comment by a Google representative about how they treat the history of a website, which has huge implications for private blog network users.

First off, let’s listen to John Mueller himself on the hangout.

Here is the key part of this, which is very important for how you build your PBN’s in 2017:

We recognise a new site is actually totally unrelated to an old site.

It might’ve been a church website for 10 years, but if we recognise that your current website is…really not the same thing as it was before.

We need to understand that difference and say well, these old links, they apply to the old website, but not the new website.

Let’s put it in plain English:

If Google can tell that the website has clearly changed in content, then the old links DO NOT COUNT.

Therefore, it’s even more important now more than ever, to restore your expired domains from the Wayback machine, recreating them with as close to the same url structure as possible.

It’s also very important to match your linking articles to the theme of the site closely, to ensure that you aren’t straying too far out of the semantic theme of the domain, stated clearly in the Building and Re-theming section of our guide.

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