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How To Maintain Your PBN

Keeping your private blog network powerful over time is a task in itself. Follow these key maintenance steps to make sure your PBN keeps providing value long into the future.

Posting Frequency & Freshness Manipulation

Fresh Content

Fresh content is important, and you should aim to publish at least one piece of content every month for each PBN site. Try to make it relevant to the topic of your money site linking page, and add internal links back to that page from within your article.

You can also use these articles to add links to other tier 1 links, helping to boost your network as a whole.

If you have autoposting setup to your connected author social profiles, this will also help keep those profiles fresh and active.

Freshness of Content

You may have noticed that articles updated regularly are rewarded with higher rankings. A key example of this is where articles mention at the top of the page “last updated at xxx date”.

We can use this in our PBN strategy, by editing your Money Site linking article with updated information once a month.

This will improve the power of your links over time.

More Inbound Links & Link Rot

Your pbn domain should be acquiring new links through your interlinking strategy as you build out your PBN.

However sometimes an expired domain will start to lose it’s links as editors become aware that the site has changed owners or no longer carries the same information (less likely with a full restore).

If the link is worth your time, you could attempt to contact the page owner and discuss why they removed the link, pretending that the site is still the same as when it gained the link in the first place.

But as a worst case scenario, simply move on, and let the domain drop at the end of it’s registration year.

Managing Posting to Other Properties

You will need spreadsheets to keep track of your hosting, domain registrations, scraping, and posting history.

While you could work from a template, it’s better for you to run through the process yourself, and decide what information you need to document as you go.

I personally use a key, with a list of tier 1 links and a key assigned to them. Then once I post another link, one of the columns contain a list of keys, representing the other tier 1 links that the article links to.

Now we have maintenance sorted, we need to understand how the changes in the algorithm have effected the status quo of PBNs, and what we should do to adapt our strategy.

How to adapt your PBN strategy
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