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Linking From Your PBN Site

We’re getting towards the main point of your private blog network, adding the links to your money site to increase your rankings.

This article will be breaking some “rules” as some people know it, and doing so to remain powerful over time for many years to come.

Traffic and Google

Google cares about peoples attention, aka the traffic.

The end game is to make users happy so that they’re more likely to re-use Google and therefore they keep and grow their market share and make more money.

They track user signals regularly, and use the machine learning algorithm Rankbrain to decide whether that user was satisfied or not.

The Natural Order of Things

If we take the black-hat off for a second, we can try to look at how things naturally get promoted around the web.

  1. Someone produces a piece of content on a website or social property.
  2. Someone visits that content and decides if they liked it or not.
  3. A proportion of those people may share it with their friends on social media or via email/text.
  4. As this social buzz grows around a piece of content, industry websites may notice this, and write something on their website about that content.

Google has the ability to track this, and can spot outliers which seem to have missed one or more of these natural steps.

Therefore we want to emulate this process when we product content on our PBN domains, first starting with traffic, then providing social signals, then finally providing links.

Ranking PBN Articles

The above naturally works into this, as it makes sense that an article that ranks for a relevant keyword, will be seen as more important by Google, and therefore the link should pass more value.

Therefore when we choose our article title, we should aim for a long tail keyword, which won’t take too much effort to rank on the first page.

The PBN Article

As this page is going to aim to rank for keywords, we want to apply our standard on-page SEO factors, including the following:

  • At least 600 words of content.
  • Multiple relevant h2 and h3 headings.
  • Relevant optimised images.
  • Relevant Youtube video embeds.
  • Relevant authority outbound links.
  • Relevant social media embeds.

The Topic of the Article

This will depend on your money site, but it is often best to create an informative article, where you are educating the reader on a unique difference that your product or service provides better than the competition.

This means that those who read the article are actually likely to click through the link to your money site, and potentially fill out your offer or buy your product.

This is huge, as it means your PBNs can not only drive SEO value, but also drive conversions.

Inserting Your Link

The first link in your unique page content passes the most value, therefore we want our PBN link to our main money site page to be the first in the content.

However there are other rules we should consider, such as those called co-occurrence and co-citation.

Co-citation is the frequency in which two entities are referenced by the same entity. For example how often are two different people often mentioned by the same website.

Co-occurrence is the frequency in which two entities are referenced together within the same paragraph or sentence. For example how often is Moz mentioned with Rand Fishkin.

Google uses these relationships in the way it maps linked data, which effects the algorithm and rankings of websites.

And of course like all factors, this can be manipulated.

Manipulating Co-Citation and Co-Occurrence

To gain the most from our link equity, while still taking advantage of co-citation, we want to put our co-citation links on a page that’s multiple levels deep, to ensure only a small amount of equity is lost.

Co-citation and co-occurence manipulation

You can do this by creating a niche reference page, containing multiple authority links, which may not be directly linked from your top level navigation (as shown in the graphic above).

To use co-occurrence, we want to link to our money site, in the same sentence as we linked to an authority website.

For example this money site link pointing within the sentence for this authority link, is manipulating co-occurrence.

Linking to Other Tier 1’s

Contrary to popular opinion, if you’re careful with your PBN setup, you can interlink your PBN, which can help rank the individual articles, and also provide tier 2 power to those articles powering up your links.

To organise this, keep a spreadsheet of your domains, and colour code those on the same IPs. Then before interlinking, make sure the two domains aren’t on the same IP address.

More Than 1 Property Per Industry

I would also advise that you have more than one type of money site in each industry you’re moving into. This can give you backup sites if one gets penalised, or simply allow you to take up more market share with the illusion that it’s from different companies.

I like to purchase product specific exact match domains, and build microsites dedicated to that product. Then simply link to that EMD in your PBN articles along with your other tier 1 links.

Over time this will give you multiple properties with market share, to help safeguard your interests within an industry.

Now we’ve added our linking article, we want to make sure our PBN keeps its power over time.

How to maintain your PBN over time
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