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The PBN Guide: Beginners to Advanced

New to PBNs? Find out what a pbn is here.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about creating and managing your own private blog network, with all information from basic to advanced tactics, as well as updated tips for new algorithm changes and Google releases from early 2017.

Extras: John Mueller 2017 PBN Reveal | Penguin 4.0: What’s the impact on PBNs?

How to find powerful expired domains
How to spam check expired domains
How to host your PBN without footprints
How to build your PBN websites
How to link from your PBN websites
How to maintain your PBN over time
How to adapt your PBN strategy
The 2017 update with john mueller

How will Penguin 4.0 Effect PBNs?

So Google announced recently that the real-time Penguin algorithm had been merged into their core algorithm.

Many noticed fluctuations in early September, which could well indicate an update was being tested, however how will this effect your PBN strategy?

The truth is it will barely change the way you operate.

The main focus of Penguin has always been anchor text ratios. So you simply need to adjust your anchors to be less well optimised if you have suffered a drop, or edge on the side of caution moving forward if you’re currently ok.

The beauty of this is that you can have the page re-crawled by submitted it to Google, and gain fairly fast indications of whether you’ve solved your problem.

What is a Private Blog Network?

The quantity and quality of relevant inbound links to your website from other websites is the number 1 ranking factor in the Google search engine.

A private blog network can also be described as a private link network, or a private site network, and simply represents a number of websites owned by one individual, in order to provide their own websites with inbound links.

It offers many benefits, including the ability to edit the linking pages, to alter anchor text, or keep the content fresh.

The effectiveness of a link is determined by the signals going to that linking page, including inbound links, social shares, and the traffic to that page.

Using expired domains for your private blog network is beneficial, because they have many of these factors already. You can also use expired web 2.0 properties, which have existing positive signals to be reused.

Now start with Chapter 1, how to find powerful expired domains.

How to find powerful expired domains

Written by Matt Jackson | Last Edited 19th January 2017.

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